You Will Survive Facebook’s Algorithm Update

Facebook Algorithm Update

Last week Facebook announced another news feed algorithm change for 2018. According to Zuck, these changes are designed to ensure visitors are seeing the content they want to interact with, specifically prioritizing:

  • News from publications that the community rates as trustworthy
  • News that people find informative
  • News that is relevant to people’s local community

Sure, that would provide a better experience for users, but let’s not be naive here. These changes are also designed to squeeze more money from brands, as Pages are going to see even less organic reach than before. Okay, so what?

For some reason brand marketers are seriously worried about this, and I can’t figure out why. Yes, this is likely to negatively impact publishers, but for brand and digital marketers, everything is going to be okay. Let me explain…

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4 Sports Insights from Kleiner Perkins’ Internet Trends 2017

Last week Kleiner Perkins released their annual Internet Trends report, covering everything from Chinese web usage to the impact of digital gaming and eSports. For self-proclaimed internet geeks like myself this is a highly anticipated report.

If you have the time, I highly recommend downloading the entire 2017 Industry Trends report. It’s jam packed with valuable insights but I can understand that a 350+ page report might not sound like the ideal way to spend your weekend.

Lucky for you this is the first iteration released since I started my career in sports, so I figured I would comb through it and pull out four key trends that affect the sports industry.

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Is The Capitals’ New Chatbot Smart Enough To Provide Real Value For Fans?


Last month the Washington Capitals announced the launch of a new chatbot for Facebook Messenger. Now that Facebook is allowing brands to build their own chatbots, chances are you have had a chance to interact with at least one. These bots are a unique way to create meaningful customer interactions on a widely used platform, so it makes sense that sports teams are jumping on the bandwagon.

When any new technology launches there are early adopters – eager to get their hands on the technology – who build something just to test the platform, and I applaud that approach. But for a new digital platform to stick and get traction with the fanbase it’s important to add substantial value to fans. It has to be useful and there must be a compelling reason for fans to engage with the bot or they simply won’t use it.

The Caps’ bot has been live for about a month now, so I decided to put it through a series of tests and questions to see just how useful the bot can be using Apple’s latest version of Siri as a benchmark. Here’s how it went…

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The Ad Blocking War Rages On

The Ad Blocking War Rages On

This week Facebook announced the launch of a new technology to prevent the use of ad blockers on their desktop website. This feature was implemented to protect the incredible revenue generated on their ad platform. Facebook execs lauded the tech and indicated that it would be extremely difficult to defeat without providing a significantly slower user experience on the site. Unfortunately for them, that didn’t last long.

Just about 48 hours after Facebook’s announcement AdBlock Plus, one of the leading ad blocking plugins, announced that their community had found a workaround to provide a speedy, ad-free experience on the social network. As a user of ad blocking tech in my personal browsing this is a welcome announcement, but there are two other takeaways here that are pretty important.

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Instagram Steals From Snapchat – What It Means

Instagram Steals From Snapchat

While some people say that ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’ I have a hard time believing that Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel agrees at the moment. In case you missed it, Instagram launched their own version of Stories, and it’s pretty much a dead copy of Snapchat’s Stories feature.

There are some serious implications here, for both Instagram and Snapchat, which I broke down in an article on the Breakaway blog last week. Head over there to find out what it means.

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