Why Your Brand Needs to Build a Community

Building Brand Community

Selling to your customers solely through push marketing tactics just doesn’t cut it anymore. Every day, customers are inundated with thousands of advertisements across digital, print, radio, television, and real-world channels, and they often tune them out. So, how do you market effectively and efficiently?

To complement ads and outbound communications, brands must innovate their marketing tactics to cut through the noise and develop lasting relationships with their current customers and prospects. Building a community is the answer.

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Targeting on Facebook Just Got a Whole Lot Harder

Facebook launched Partner Categories back in 2013 to give marketers an effective way to use third-party anonymous data to create hyper-targeted campaigns. Data mining companies like Experian and Acxiom collect demographic and behavioral data on other channels, then pass it along to Facebook. The social media network is then able to match the data to users’ profiles so advertisers can target them.

But, back in March, Facebook released a brief statement announcing that it would be disbanding Partner Categories in the interest of its users’ privacy. Although it did not elaborate on the reasoning, it is likely due to the privacy concerns of its users, especially in the case of the Cambridge Analytica scandal that went down this past March.

Last week the hammer finally dropped, and Partner Categories are no longer available to be used in new audience targeting. Before panic sets in, I think we should be looking at this as an opportunity to improve our marketing and take back some control. Let’s start by discussing about how this specific change is going to impact advertisers.

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A New Logo for Bern Digital

Bern Digital Logo Square

Bern Digital Logo Full

As of today, it’s been exactly seven months since I launched Bern Digital and began servicing clients full-time. Since then, I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing partners to build real growth for their businesses. Providing incredible service and performance for clients is priority number one. This made it difficult to find time to work on my own business and brand, and more specifically, to develop a logo.

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You Will Survive Facebook’s Algorithm Update

Facebook Algorithm Update

Last week Facebook announced another news feed algorithm change for 2018. According to Zuck, these changes are designed to ensure visitors are seeing the content they want to interact with, specifically prioritizing:

  • News from publications that the community rates as trustworthy
  • News that people find informative
  • News that is relevant to people’s local community

Sure, that would provide a better experience for users, but let’s not be naive here. These changes are also designed to squeeze more money from brands, as Pages are going to see even less organic reach than before. Okay, so what?

For some reason brand marketers are seriously worried about this, and I can’t figure out why. Yes, this is likely to negatively impact publishers, but for brand and digital marketers, everything is going to be okay. Let me explain…

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Three Marketing Resolutions for 2018

As 2018 is the first year of business for Bern Digital, I want to get things started properly. Last week I decided to sit down and think about three marketing concepts that I want to apply in my own business and as I deliver work for partners.

My goal was not to set three measurable and achievable milestones to aim for, such as acquiring five new leads through my website, because I want to avoid being too focused on tactics. At the same time, I also didn’t want to reach for something so unrealistic that it doesn’t make sense, like integrating a VR component into every marketing campaign.

This led me to three concepts that I believe are mature enough to be applied to a wide variety of businesses, can help to differentiate my partners from their competitors, and will lead to long term growth. Here’s what I came up with…

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