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As of today, it’s been exactly seven months since I launched Bern Digital and began servicing clients full-time. Since then, I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing partners to build real growth for their businesses. Providing incredible service and performance for clients is priority number one. This made it difficult to find time to work on my own business and brand, and more specifically, to develop a logo.

So, that’s it. That’s the logo. Take a look. What do you think?

You’ve already seen it at the top of this post, but you’re here for the story. So here’s how it came about…

Starting The Process

I struggled with a number of designs over the past few months. Scribbling in notebooks, drawing on whiteboards. Nothing. I manufactured some ridiculous frankensteins in Photoshop, worked with a few Fiverr designers (never again, by the way), and ended up trashing close to 50 original concepts because they didn’t meet my laundry list of requirements.

Then in June of this year I figured it out. In every aspect of our approach to marketing for our partners, I preach the importance of meaning, clarity, and explicit value to the consumer. So why shouldn’t my logo be just that? That left me with two fundamental principles…

  1. The logo must be usable in both an icon and a horizontal text format without major modification as to fit almost any potential application.
  2. The logo must have meaning not just to me, or to the company, but to clients as well.

The meaning was the challenge. How could I include meaning for a variety of stakeholders, while still developing something that could be usable and effective? This ultimately brought me back to my initial design involving a mountain integrated with the B in Bern Digital, and the final concept that you see at the top of this post.

So What Does It Mean?

Bern is – in addition to being the first part of my last name – the name of a city in the Swiss Alps known for incredible panoramic views of the nearby mountain ranges. I love the analogous relationship of climbing a mountain and building a business. Reaching the top of a mountain takes grit, resilience, and determination; all things that are required to build a successful business.

To add to that, the outline of the mountains represents growth, similar to what you might see on a performance report. Growth is rarely as smooth a journey as the one depicted by the typical “hockey stick” chart referenced in business so frequently. In growing a company there will always be peaks and valleys, but if you develop a clear strategy and execute with precision over time you’ll reach your goals.

These key pieces represent important aspects of my perspective on life and business, Bern Digital’s goals, and the goals we seek to achieve for our clients.

Reviewing the Process

Finalizing a logo for your own company is hard. Harder than I recalled, and I have been a part of many logo projects at this point in my career. I remember working on the Boulder Beats logo for months before settling on a design we felt was an absolute home run. You want the logo to be so many things at once, but it needs to be simple enough to be memorable.

Sidenote, there’s clearly something to be said about my affinity for company names and logos involving a B. Wonder what that could be…

Is this the best designed logo in the world? Am I going to win awards for designing it? Maybe not, but I am excited to move forward with a logo that I feel represents Bern Digital and our goals effectively.